Dolors PorredónDolors Porredón, 40  years as Professional Photographer, capturing unforgettable moments.

Dolors Porredón starts her photographic career in 1970 being self-taught. During that decade, moved by a personal interest, she travels around the World. Soviet Union, China, Africa, Japan, Vietnam or Thailand are some of the destinations in which Dolors Porredón uses her camera to reflect the social and political reality of that moment. The photographic reports obtained are published in European magazines such as Interior (Spain), Stern (Germany), National Geographic or Interviú.

In the 80’s, she masters in social photography and portraits, and consolidates her career in her Studio in Granollers, Barcelona. Nowadays, she keeps shooting in her new studio and also devotes her time to her personal projects such as ‘Formentera, the Island of the women’.

Dolors Porredón is Founding Member of the Spanish Federation of Professional Photographers and of Image (FEPFI), has aquired the Merit of Distinguished Photographer of the FEPFI and has been assessing Judge of the same Federation. Dolors is also Founding Member of the Association of Professional Photographers of Valencia (AFPV).


Georgia Porredón was born in 1976 and grows up surrounded by cameras and film. She shoots her first professional work at the age of 14 as assistant to her mother, Dolors Porredón.
Trained in Clinical Psychology, during the University years she keeps connected to photography shooting weddings and portraits whilst taking part of many workshops of the most relevant photographers both national and internationally.
In 2011 she exhibits a series of portraits under the title of ‘Behind the Sarees’ at the AB Art Gallery.